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Route and tour suggestions at Hotel Skovly


The Skovly-track

The cozy Skovly track has been established by Hotel Skovly in collaboration with local sports associations. The trail is a mountain bike trail. The trail starts and ends at Hotel Skovly. The track is blue with some red descents. It is marked with signs and dots on the trees. The trail also gives you access to the heights in the north, where you will find Vang Granitbrud and Hammeren. The trail starts and ends at Hotel Skovly




Almindingen - Denmark's 3rd largest forest - welcomes you to more than 20 mtb tracks. Almindingen is connected to Vestermarie Plantage and the Paradise hills.

To get the best day on mtb , start at Rytterknægten. All the cool tracks start - from green to black (orange). It is 14 km from Hotel Skovly. The trip to Rytterknægten is on our STRAVA



The green Ring

The green ring is a 30 km track that can be started at Hotel Skovly, and which challenges you with rockgardens, beams and pump track. The picture is from the snail trail to the top of Snorrebakken - with a view of Rønne. A large part of the trip is gravel-like - ie wide paths and gravel.

The green Ring is not so well marked with signs, but our trip can be seen on our STRAVA profile. Click here!


IMG_2283 (1)_edited.jpg


The newest and longest track - starting at Rytterknægten. A whole fantastic experience - a good track with a great flow ...!

The disadvantage of driving downhill a lot - is that you have to go up .... :-) But the driveways are made so smart that you do not feel (almost) that you drive uphill, to the starting point again.

You can also experience the tracks by starting at Ørningevej 4, Vestermarie.



Vang Granitbrud

A track which is characterized by being in a granite quarry. Here you will get some altimeter and a beautiful experience on top.
You start on the Skovly track and drive towards Hasle - Teglkås - Jons Kapel and up to the granite quarry. It's a beautiful ride, with the "rise of manhood" at Jons Kapel. The mountain bike trail has medium-high climbs, beautiful descents and loose ground.

The trail is 13 km from Hotel Skovly




The hills of paradise are privately owned and you are therefore subject to some rules when you cycle there. You may only ride on man-made trails, which can be ridden on an ordinary (!) Bike, whatever that means ....! 
You should be aware that the area has many gorges and steep slopes where one can really get hurt.

We can recommend that you contact one of our guides who can show you the area.

It's very beautiful...:-)


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